Oh, You Forgot to Eat Again? 5 Quick Meal Reminder Tips for Busy Bees

Hey there busy bees!

Has your stomach ever turned into a mini alarm clock around 4 pm, nudging you with a grumble that says, “Hey, remember food?” If you find yourself nodding, then this blog post stuffed with meal reminder tips is your new best friend. Stick around for some belly laughs and top tips to keep that energy up all day long!

Ring-a-Ding-Ding: Scheduled Meal Alerts

We know, we know, adding one more alert to your phone sounds like a nightmare. But trust us, when it’s an alert that reminds you to munch on your favorite snack, it’s not that bad, is it?

Calendar Alarms

Why not sync your meals with your work calendar? Set up a recurring “Lunch Time!” event. That way, when you’re knee-deep in work, your calendar will pop up with a friendly reminder that says, “Time to feed the beast!”

App Reminders

If you’re a fan of apps, there are a bunch that can help you stay on track. Apps like ‘MyFitnessPal’ can nudge you to log your meals, serving as a double reminder to eat.

Meal Prepping: Because Your Future Self Will Thank You

Alright, meal prepping might sound a tad too “influencer-y”, but hear us out! It’s actually a fun way to ensure you’ve got delicious meals ready to grab when time slips away. Often times if we make meals easier to access, skipping will seem like more of a chore than eating.

Weekend Prep Party

Throw on some music and make it a party! Chop those veggies and marinate that chicken while dancing to your favorite tunes. Meal prep = done, and you had a blast doing it!

Simple Recipes, Big Laughs

Go for recipes that are more forgiving, because no one has time for gourmet meals every day. And hey, if it doesn’t look like the picture, that’s just more to laugh about, right?

Also, no recipe meal prep are among my favorite items to prep: Protein, Vegetables and cooked with some healthy fats like olive or avocado oil is a huge win in my book!

Accessible Snacks: For the Busy Bee on the Go

Let’s make snack time the easiest part of your day, shall we?

Desk Snacks

Keep a stash of healthy snacks at your desk. Think chopped pre-snack bagged vegetables, homemade granola bars, or even a few slices of Applegate Farms Turkey. That way, a little nibble is always within reach.

Portable Snacks

For those on the go, make sure to have portable snacks in your bag. Fruit, trail mix, or whole grain / seed crackers can be a lifesaver during hectic days.

Hydration Alerts: Splash Some Fun into Your Day

Ah, water – the unsung hero of feeling fantastic!

Water Reminders

Set up little reminders to drink water throughout your day. You could even jazz it up with some fun messages like, “Time for a liquid hug for your insides!”

Hydration Apps

There are also apps that remind you to hydrate regularly. You might even find one with funky sounds to make hydration time a bit more fun!

Accountability Partners: Because Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip Meals

Sometimes, we just need a little nudge from a friend to stay on track.

Buddy System

Pair up with a work buddy who’s also trying to keep their nutrition on track. A quick message to check in can sometimes be the perfect reminder to eat.

Community Engagement

If you are a member of Northglenn Health and Fitness Facebook Group, use that group to find encouragement. Odds are if you are feeling this way, others are as well. We are all looking to improve in one way or another, lead the way and say “hi!”.

Good-bye 4pm Tummy Grumbles

So, fellow meal-skippers, let’s wave goodbye to those 4 pm tummy grumbles with these meal reminder tips. Stay tuned for more belly laughs and delightful tips to keep that energy buzzing all day long!

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