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Less Stress, More Time. 7 Ways to Have it All!

Less Stress, More Time. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

Demands are put upon you. Could be a project at work, managing the household, or it could be you wanting to reach your own personal goals.

You either have to get “it” all done or you have to pay for it.

Paying for it, doesn’t always mean money. You might be paying for it in stress, disappointment, or even your health.

Our SEMM today will be focused on tactics you can use to either MANAGE or outsource your time in order to have less stress, more time.

Less Stress, More Time: Strategies

Free but Hard

Set Appointments with Yourself

Decide what is most important to you. Where do you want your focus to be? Schedule that time accordingly and DON’T SKIP IT.

Would you skip a doctor appointment? Your mom’s birthday party? Then why are you skipping appointments that are important to you. Don’t. Cancelling cannot be an option any longer.

Sit down every Sunday and plan out your week.

Stop Interruptions

Check email twice a day. Put your phone on silent so you aren’t hearing notifications. How many times are you stopping to check your phone? You have a choice to not be interrupted.

This could mean, getting off of social media. Shutting off Netflix. This means spending your time wisely. This will not be easy at first, but it is free.

Say No

Say NO to people that pull you in other directions.

You have a plan, stick with it. If someone needs something from you, make sure to weigh that next to what you have planned. No, we don’t mean ignore emergencies. But we do mean, stop lying to yourself about what is or what isn’t an emergency.


If you have anyone living with you, you CAN delegate. You do not have to do it alone. Over Christmas break we were preparing our home to sell it. There was so much to do. Everyone chipped in. So much so that when school was back in session, Zach was asked what he did over Christmas break:

“We’ve cleaned up our house” – 15 year old on how mom ruined his Christmas break

Pay for it, but Easy

Purchase prepared food from a meal prep service

Enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor. One of our members, Liz, uses My Vision Nutrition. No planning meals, no grocery shopping or cooking. Oh and who can forget the cleaning! Sign me up!

Liz comes to Northglenn Health and Fitness 5 times a week, so she needs proper fuel to sustain her muscle gains and fat loss. That’s why she works with a meal prep company that understands the demands her body is under!

Hire out – Cleaning, Landscaping, Shoveling, Home maintenance

You might take pride in being able to fix things on your own. Who else will get that tub sparkly clean?

But at what cost? They have the tools, the training, and the time. Is this the goal – to be better at landscaping? If it is, great. If not, hire it out and take this time to work on your goals.

Hire a Coach

Programming your own workouts?

Wandering around the gym not sure what to do?

Waiting on equipment?

How much time is that costing you? Not just the literal time at the gym, but time not getting the results you are after?

Hiring a coach, whether it is a fitness coach, nutrition coach, music coach, soccer coach, a coach will save you time and move you in the right direction much faster than on your own.

Work with a Personal Trainer at Northglenn Health and Fitness

Our personal trainers at Northglenn Health and Fitness can also work based on YOUR schedule. Not to mention, you’re also less likely to be injured working with a coach who is watching your form and correcting your technique.

We would love for you to meet with one of our personal trainers at Northglenn Health and Fitness to give you a plan to get your precious time back!

Inspired by an article in Inc. Magazine on How Happier People Spend Their Money

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