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Hate Going to the Gym? I went from Gym Hater to Gym Owner

Do you hate going to the gym? I used to walk into a gym and feel judged, not know what to do, and are was unwilling to try to figure it out in front of all of the other people that seem to fit right in. Something needed to change to get me to love fitness again.

Why I Hated Going to the Gym… And How That Inspired Northglenn Health and Fitness

Like many of you, I’ve felt like an outsider in typical gyms. The cold, judgmental stares, the overwhelming feeling of being just a number, and the fear of being mocked — it was all too real. I remember hearing coaches making fun of members, and it only solidified my fears. This is not what fitness should be about! Yes, those things actually happen in gyms. It’s disgusting.

I knew there was a way to create a space that was better than what I had experience. I founded NHF. It’s not just a gym; it’s a place for those who’ve felt unwelcome, judged, or simply out of place in conventional fitness environments to fall in love with fitness again.

I am really starting to see where each workout is going to benefit what my goals are. A big plus too, I actually find myself enjoying my time at the gym, haven’t really had that happen before. 

Brenda – Personal Training Client at Northglenn Health and Fitness

Making Tough Choices for a Positive Environment

Not long ago, I faced a tough decision. Some members brought negativity and judgment into our safe space. It was a place I didn’t enjoy being at any longer. Imagine being a prisoner of your own business? I thought one day, while I wasn’t getting complaints, what must my other clients feel like?
It was a heart-wrenching conversation for us, but we chose to ask them to leave.

It hurt, both emotionally and financially, because many others left as well. These other members who left, because they were so confident and skilled, didn’t understand that how people feel when starting a fitness journey matters. Preserving our positive, supportive environment was non-negotiable.
As you can imagine, the members that stayed then shared how happy they were and it was a change that was needed.

And as you can imagine, we have taken steps to never allow that to happen again.

Our Secret Sauce: Emotional Intelligence and Kindness

At NHF, we prioritize emotional intelligence and kindness over mere certifications when bringing on personal trainers. I believe in hiring coaches who treat others (especially their moms!) with respect and compassion. After all, good people make great coaches. It’s much more important than any number of certs or any years of experience.

We Phone Interview Every Potential Client: Our Gateway to Positivity

Every NHF journey begins with a friendly phone interview. This isn’t just about health and fitness goals; it’s about ensuring our community is welcoming, kind, and free from judgment or body shaming. We’re building a supportive family here, and every member affects that level of support. Have you ever walked into a place and just felt that negativity? You won’t find that here.

I Get It, and That’s Why NHF is Different

I’ve been where you are. I’ve felt unwelcome in those big-box gyms, where they say they are judgement free but it’s literally impossible when they let just anyone and everyone sign up. Marketing tactics like that might get members to start but they certainly won’t keep good people around for long. Which is why I’ve poured my heart into making NHF different. It’s a place built on understanding, respect, and the belief that fitness should be accessible and enjoyable for everyBODY.

3 Tips to Ensure Your Gym is a Safe Space

  1. Look for Emotional Intelligence: Choose a gym where staff are not just fitness experts but also kind-hearted and empathetic.
  2. Seek a Gym that Practices what they Preach: Find a place that interviews you first. That wants to make sure it is a mutual fit. Otherwise, they will just let anyone in. (no screening process)
  3. Trust Your Gut: When you walk into a gym, pay attention to how you feel. Are you at ease? Do you feel welcomed? Your comfort is crucial. You cannot be encouraged, supported and motivated to continue your fitness journey if you can’t even have a basic human need of “safety” being met.

Closing Thoughts

At NHF, we’re not just a gym; we’re literally a family business dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in a nurturing environment. We understand the hurdles because we’ve lived them. And we’re committed to ensuring that NHF is your safe place, your 2nd home and for fitness.

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