Welcome Veronica: Strong Mom of 4

Why did you join Northglenn Health and Fitness gym?

To get better results. To feel happier about my body. I met one of your members, Nancy, and she said it was like family here. I can believe you when you tell me good things about the gym but when I hear from someone else that comes to class telling me that ‘they’re great’ that actually meant a lot to hear.

I felt like you guys are great people and I know this is only my 3rd day, but I already feel like home, and I love that.

What have you enjoyed so far about the first 3 sessions at our gym?

He is actually putting all his knowledge into not only telling me you have to do this and you have to do that , but showing me how it’s done. He’s correcting my posture, and showing me ‘you have to grab the bar this way’. When I was working out at home there was no one watching me to make sure my posture was good and that I was doing it right. I really like that.

What’s the best advice you could give someone thinking about coming in to our gym?

You guys make me feel like home. You have the one on one classes to start with just you and the coach. I just love that because they are actually working with you rather than just throwing you into class and then just telling you, ‘ok do this and that’ but nobody cares. You guys actually do that so we know what we are doing. I would tell that to someone and I have already actually!

I was also telling people that you guys are great and I’m sore the next day!

What do you do in your free time?

I’m busy, I have 4 kids! Right now I’m always with my kids, at my home, so THIS is my free time. When I’m home I garden vegetables. I love Cilantro. I like to put into everything, my soups, shrimp cocktail, everything.

I love to clean. We were saying a word that would describe everyone in the family yesterday and they called me “Clean”! When you see the clean areas in the house, it looks so nice, it just feels so good!

Thanks for sitting down and talking with us Veronica!

Veronica is joining her first group class Monday at 4:30pm. Coach Patrick, after completing the 3 initial sessions with her, will continue to be there to guide her through her first group class.

We trailed off in the end of the conversation and talked about food for about 15 minutes and she promised to bring us in her shrimp cocktail. And now I’m drooling!

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