Welcome to our New Member, Natalie

Welcome to our newest member, Natalie. She joined Northglenn Health and Fitness in June. We sat down with her to ask her about her life, how she likes it here, and what she would tell others about joining.

What were you looking for when you found Northglenn Health and Fitness?

I had done CrossFit in the past and knew that it was something I loved and wanted to get back into. I knew it was what I needed to get back into a healthy mindset and achieve my goals!

Why did you join Northglenn Health and Fitness?

I love the atmosphere at NHF! It is so welcoming and everyone is so motivating!

What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining NHF?

To just do it! It might be hard but it’s good for you. And you start feeling better almost immediately. I noticed a change in my mood after two classes! I have been so much happier and had a better mindset since starting.

What do you do in your free time?

I really enjoy traveling and exploring new places in my free time. I also like crafting and of course flying! I try to get up in the air as much as possible! I also enjoy game nights and movie nights and cooking! **Natalie is a flight instructor (SHE FLIES PLANES!)

What are your goals?

Overall I just want to be healthier and happier. I’m trying to focus on a healthier relationship with myself and doing what I need to do rather than be concerned about others! I am trying to focus less on numbers and paying more attention to how I feel:)

Thank you so much Natalie for becoming a new member of Northglenn Health and Fitness! Coach Patrick is ready to go flying whenever you are!

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