Weightlifting Technique Needs Coaching to Improve

I’ve always enjoyed coaching olympic weightlifting.  Making a few tweaks here and there with an athlete’s technique and seeing them get that aha moment is a real thrill as a coach.

Because I am passionate about Olympic Lifting, we decided to test out interest in an Olympic Weightlifting club inside the doors of Northglenn Health and Fitness.  We offered one 8 week session, as well as 2 separate 4 week sessions – for those who weren’t quite sure about the commitment.  At the mid point of the 8 week session, we sat down with Zack T, to ask him about his experience with Olympic Weightlifting and Sacris Barbell in general.  Zack had initially only signed up for the first 4 weeks but after his experience and growth in just those 4 weeks, he renewed for the remaining 4 weeks.  Fast forward to today, he is now a full time member of the ongoing offering, Sacris Barbell Club, that officially kicked off this month.


Why did you decide to join Sacris Barbell?

I’ve always wanted to try “real” weightlifting but I didn’t have any experience with it. Every time I’ve tried starting in a gym, I just felt dumb and awkward around it and ended up quitting. The program at Sacris gave me an opportunity to be coached and have a plan to get in to it.

What were your expectations of the initial program?

I hoped to get 3 things from the class:
a. I wanted to learn to do the lifts safely
b. I wanted to learn how to do the lifts to a point where if I wanted to practice on my own I could
c. I wanted to get exercise and become stronger

Were your expectations met?

Ya, and exceeded. Even though there are more advanced lifters in the club Patrick is really good at coaching to my level as well. At 1 month in I was already 100x better and safer than when I started. Looking back I cringe at my previous efforts and think I could have hurt myself trying it on my own.

Why did you decide to continue on with Sacris Barbell?

The first two months were really successful and I can see myself getting better. I think more time will allow me to make real progress. And it’s a lot of fun : ]

Is there anything else that you liked about it?

Beyond the class itself I really like the camaraderie of the class.
Thanks to Zack T for sitting down with us!
As Zack mentions, please don’t go at this alone.  If you want to learn or improve in something as technical as Olympic Weightlifting you need a coach.  You need to have trained eyes on you to instantly correct form, determine what weights work for you and an appropriate strategy and program to ensure that you progress safely.  It is not about throwing up the heaviest weight possible, it is about dialing in the form and technique so you can get stronger the best way possible.  We have a fun, coached environment that will encourage growth. Give us a try.  You need to find the right coach to get you to where you want to go.

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