We Want It Now. Immediate Results

With all of the advancements in technology the world runs at a much faster, more aggressive pace. We have everything at our fingertips. A more accurate description is we have everything at the sound of our voice. We don’t have to wait for anything, we aren’t quite at the Jetson’s level yet but we’re getting close. We want immediate results.

Do you remember rotary phones? I had one growing up. My best friend’s phone number had about a zillion 0s and 9s. I would frantically call her about the latest cute boy in school and talk about all of the different ways I could try to get his attention. Usually they were really bad ideas that didn’t work, but I wasn’t a quitter. I would figure out how to get him to notice me.

In those moments of rushing to spin those numbers around on my parents’ rotary phone, high on the anticipation of talking with my friends about the latest crisis, I would inadvertently mis-dial. Now if you’ve never used a rotary phone, just know – the frustration is real. You start dialing one number incorrectly and you have to start all over again. The higher the number the bigger the wait. Incredibly frustrating when matters of life or death importance need to be discussed.

Hey Google!

Now we don’t have to dial at all. We can just say “Hey Google – Call Patrick Dawson” and the phone is ringing while we are cooking dinner or playing with the kids. But when Google doesn’t listen and we have to grab our phone to dial ourselves, that’s the new frustration. And it’s no less frustrating that it was when dialing a rotary phone 30 years ago.

As technology advances, human nature stays the same. We want what we want and we want it now. No one wanted to redial using a rotary phone 30 years ago and we don’t want to argue with Google to dial a number for us now. All we want is to get connected with as little amount of work as possible.

These advances in technology and that instant gratification we demand, do not transfer over to our bodies. We can demand it all we want, it’s just not going to happen.

Human Evolution

The human body doesn’t evolve at the rate that technology advances. Improvements in automation, ease of communication, and access of information means we are leading more sedentary lives than we did 100s of years ago. Not to mention the processing of food that happens in order to stock the shelves and preserve food for longer periods of time. The food we eat now is just not the same as it was. That subject on its own could be its own 365 part series.

We have to make conscious decisions in order to get to the health and fitness we desire. We’re not in the field 12 hours a day farming. We aren’t chasing our food down and preparing it fresh over a fire. We are sitting and telling Google to tell Uber to bring us Starbucks, all while googling the latest trends that are going to help us lose 10lbs in 5 days.

Move. Eat More Whole Foods.

The answer is the same as it has always been. We need to move. We need to eat whole foods. Period.

No one said you have to be perfect. But what you have to be is aware. Aware of what you are putting in your body and aware of how much you are moving.

The more you move and the higher quality foods you eat, the faster you will get to your results.

You’ve probably heard that before, if you know me then you definitely have. I wanted to write this to give you some idea of, if we all know how, why I think we don’t follow through.

We are being taught not to wait for anything we want. We are given new tools every day to make our lives more convenient. That is what we know. Of course we transfer that need for immediate results over to our health and fitness.

Once you own – own that it’s not the same – that you have to do things differently, you might stop fighting the urge to google the quick fixes and start thinking about the incremental choices you make all day every day.

The Real Quick Fix

The quickest fix out there is to get help from a coach that understands YOU and that you enjoy working with. Have your coach put together a custom workout plan for YOU along with a custom nutrition plan that YOU will follow.

Google learns and collects data to get better at understanding the sound of your voice, just like your coach will learn and collect data on you over time. They will continue to fine tune to get you the best results possible.

These things take collaboration with you and your coach. Afterall, if you are given a plan you won’t follow, you won’t get results.

Come see us for a free 15 minute intro and we will get you a plan. Stop googling the latest fad, start using what works.

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