Top 3 Tips to Improve your Sleep

Before we get into how to our top 3 tips to improve your sleep, let’s talk about what we have learned so far.

We’ve talked about why sleep is important – control of appetite, lack of desire, lack of energy, lack of recovery your body needs.

We’ve talked about how to determine how much sleep you need and how to get to sleep faster with a sleep routine.

What else can you do?

Turn Off Electronics Before Getting in Bed

We are tied to our phones more than ever. We are also more stressed than ever. More angry online than ever. More hostility than ever. Let’s take electronics out of our mind as we are getting ready for bed.

Electronics stimulate our brains not only with light (our brain produces melatonin as light decreases and melatonin ensures deep sleep, and may also help regulate our metabolism) but it also increases stress.

Scrolling through social media while “trying to sleep” is surely to get your brain working and producing stress hormones that will keep you up.

Playing games keeps the brain active and engaged vs focused on the recovery your body needs.

Make a List

If you are one of those people (ahem, like me) that find yourself tossing and turning with anxiety and distressed thoughts overnight, make a list!

Before you fall asleep get out your handy dandy notebook and make a list of the things that have to get done tomorrow, or this week.

Write out what is on your mind and how you will tackle it.

Plan your next days meals, schedule your workouts, etc.

Use this time at the end of the day to reflect on what might keep you up and determine your plan of attack now vs at 2pm while staring at the ceiling.

Basically get all the “stuff” floating around in your head out on paper. Let your mind breathe.

Lower the Room Temperature

Most people sleep better at a cooler temperature. Snuggle up under those blankets and change that thermostat to between 60-67 degrees. Our bodies cool down as we sleep, studies believe that lower the temperature before bed can help that body temp to drop and get a head start on sleep!

Now, go get some sleep!

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