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Coaching you on the other 23 hours in your day

You move, right? You go on walks, maybe you even jog sometimes. Hit the gym? Sure, that happens. You don’t eat THAT bad. But progress? Progress doesn’t come, and if it does come it certainly doesn’t stick. If you spend 1 hour a day doing something to improve your life, what are you doing outside of the gym, or outside of walking or outside of that one perfect meal? Those hours matter too. I’d argue they matter more.

As we came up on our 1 year anniversary we thought about how else we can help our members and our community. We offer services now to help you fitness and nutrition, but we are mostly only seeing you for, at most, 1 hour per day. What about the 23 hours outside of the gym?

When you are in our gym you are moving. You aren’t sitting on the couch watching TV or playing Candy Crush, or even walking a treadmill watching a movie. You are moving in a way that your muscles are working, your heartbeat is elevated and your are becoming healthier and stronger. You are doing those things because we are watching you. We are coaching you.

Outside of the Gym

Who is coaching you the other 23 hours outside of the gym?

Who is helping you to get a full night of quality sleep instead of staying up until 2am and tossing and turning until 6am?

Who is helping you get in that 1/2 plate of veges instead of eating that sleeve of Oreos?

Who is helping you figure out your schedule so you can have time to meal prep instead of having fast food delivered to your door?

Starting today, we are.

SEMM Challenge

We are introducing our members to our 28 Day SEMM challenge.

SEMM stands for: Sleep Eat Move Manage

All of our members will choose where they feel they need the most help when it comes to Sleeping, Eating, Moving, and Managing their other 23 hours in the day. They will sit down with us, one and one, and we will help them determine a daily task they can complete in each of those areas, that aligns with their goals.

The tasks should be something that you have 90% confidence in the ability to complete them daily AND they add a low level of stress, say a 1 – 2 on a scale of 1 – 10.

The easier the habit (task) the more likely you are to complete it. The more likely you are to complete it, the more likely it will become a pattern. Once it is a pattern, you are solid!


Each day they will score themselves on whether they were successful in completing that task, for that area, or not.

Green = Completed Successfully

Red = Did Not Complete it at all

Yellow = Anywhere in-between

My “Green” for EAT will be different from your “Green”. An example of adding veges to 2 meals a day, might be a green for you. If you already do that, it might be something else.

Your “Green” for MANAGE might be checking your schedule the night before to determine meal times. It might be 90 seconds of meditation before bed.

You judge your progress by scoring yourself at the end of the day in each area.


We will be there with you every step of the way. We will check in to see how you are doing.

Four Greens: Amazing forward progress. Your health is most likely improving. Three Greens, one Yellow: Really good. Four Yellows: you’re doing the work. Maybe we revisit the habits. Four Reds: The habits are likely too complex or stressful. We will focus on one area and eliminate the rest until solid habits are built in one area.

Results Faster

Everyone wants results faster than they usually happen. By coaching our members using the SEMM methodology we will enable them to achieve their goals/results at a much faster pace. Faster in this case is ok, because it is sustainable and realistic. These results don’t involve fad diets or weight loss shakes. It simply helps people move in the direction of their goals much faster than just spending an hour a day in the gym.

If you would like more information on SEMM and how we might be able to help you, click here to send us a message. We will be rolling this out to people outside of Northglenn Health and Fitness starting in October!

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