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Successful and unsuccessful people have one thing in common

Successful and unsuccessful people, have one thing in common – Consistency.

If the key to success really is consistency, then why do some people feel successful and some do not?

Whatever actions you take on a consistent basis, get you the results you are working towards.

In other words, you can be unintentionally consistent.

Successful people take consistent, intentional, action to take them towards their goals.

People who are not achieving the results they want are taking consistent, unintentional, action.

If you have a goal to get better at skiing and you:

  • Save money, set a budget, financially get things in order to pursue skiing
  • Plan your weekends around skiing
  • Take skiing lessons
  • Work on endurance in the gym
  • Plan your schedule and your meals
  • Get a ski pass

You will be successful at getting better at skiing.

If you have a goal to get better at skiing and you:

  • Spend all of your money on fast food, restaurants, alcohol, tobacco and/or shiny objects
  • Go into the weekend without a plan
  • Skip the gym
  • Don’t get a ski pass because you haven’t analyzed and adjusted your spending to afford it
  • Wing it

You will not be successful at getting better at skiing.

When you have a goal but you don’t put consistent action toward it, is it even a goal?

If a tree falls in the woods.. well, you know.

Stop skating through life

Do you want to be the first to binge watch the latest Netflix hit or do you want to lose those last 20 lbs?

Do you want to beat your high score in the latest game or do you want to earn that next promotion?

You have consistent habits. And they work. You have things you do every day that add up to the results you get.

Everyone is consistent. The difference is, successful people are consistent with intentional action and make sure their habits align with their goals.

How does this apply to your health and fitness goals?

For our health and fitness it looks something like this:

Our clients don’t go to bed one night at 35% body fat and wake up the next day at 18% body fat.

We discuss with our clients what they want their end result to be and then decide on specific actions they will incorporate that bring them closer to that each day.

One example, for a client who wants weight loss:

We might incorporate vegetables into their day to help curb cravings and keep you full with healthy low calorie foods.

We don’t just tell our clients to “Add Vegetables”.

People know vegetables are healthy. They know they should eat more.

Knowledge isn’t enough. Successful people are intentionally consistent.

We need to give our clients an intentional set of actions to take, including:

  • What vegetables they will eat.
  • What day they will shop for those vegetables.
  • When and how they will prep the vegetables.
  • We provide a tracking system to ensure they are checking off as they accomplish these new habits.
  • We meet regularly to make sure they know they will be held accountable.

These are all very small, easy, yet intentional steps that we take in order to accomplish a long term goal.

Actions do not have to be overwhelming. They just have to happen intentionally.

To start making the most out of your boxes that are left in your life, be intentional each day.

Coach Jennifer

ps Comment with the action you are taking today to help reach your goals.

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