Steps to Success in Semi Private Training

7 Steps to Success in Semi Private Training at Northglenn Health and Fitness

Looking for success in semi private training? If you are reading this you are most likely a client of Northglenn Health and Fitness who lives somewhere in the Denver Metro area: Northglenn, Thornton, Brighton, Broomfield, Westminster, Denver, and maybe as far as Morrison!

You are considering, or have decided to join semi private training and want to know what to expect.

Here is your handy dandy guide to semi private training at Northglenn Health and Fitness.

What to Expect in Semi Private Training

This is written assuming our clients reading this have successfully completed our OnRamp Program. You can read more about that here. And the assumption is also that if you are reading this, you have chosen semi private training as a part of your choose your own fitness adventure at Northglenn Health and Fitness. Read this for more about all of your options.

Step 1: Meet with your programming coach!

Your coach has had a programming call with you and has developed a training program tailored to your individual needs based on your conversation and your OnRamp assessment sessions. This program will be delivered to you on our mobile app so that you have 100% access to it, 100% of the time.

Step 2: Choose your “home” spots!

Semi-private sessions are limited to 4 members per 1 coach at a time, and you are always guaranteed a spot in your preferred class time.

You’ll choose your preferred time slot to train alongside up to three of your workout buddies. Our semi-private sessions are limited to four members per coach, guaranteeing your spot in your chosen session time. If scheduling conflicts arise, we offer flexibility with a 24-hour notice policy to choose a different time slot, giving you control over your schedule.

The model is built to guarantee everyone has their home spot available to them however we do know at times scheduling conflicts may come up. If you are unable to find times that work consistently, Personal Training is your best bet. You and your coach have full control of your schedule.

Step 3: What our most successful clients do to prepare for their sessions:

Review your workout ahead of time, watch the associated videos and come with your phone charged to your session. Hint from our advanced clients: Use Your Whiteboard: Before you come to the gym, write out your workout from your phone on to the whiteboard you were given during OnRamp. Some of our clients prefer this over using their phone since once they pick up their phone it becomes a distraction. Your workout is also emailed to you each morning so we have some clients that prefer to print that email and bring it with. It is not a requirement, you will find what works best for you.

Come prepared with any questions for your coach you may have after reviewing your workout. Your coach will spend a lot of time with you in each session but the more questions that can be answered on the front end, the smoother your session will go for you.

Step 4: Show UP!

Once you show up to your session, if you arrive early you can stretch or start getting any equipment out you may need. The coach will start the session on time by leading you and your new friends through a warm up together.

Step 5: Let’s Move!

Get any equipment out you need for your first section of your workout. And then you begin! Your coach will help with correcting proper technique while you follow along with your program, keeping rest periods from going on too long, increasing motivation, and help you get an amazing workout! You will be able to train, alongside other members, increasing motivation and creating positive relationships on our awesome community-based environment.

Step 6: Ask Questions & Record Your Results.

While in your session make sure you ask your coach for clarity on anything that doesn’t make sense. The first week of any new program is a bit confusing, but by the end of week 2 and 3 it will be so much easier. Just like after a few weeks of strength training you start to feel much stronger in your day to day life! At the end of every session, be sure to log and track all of your workout data in our app, such as weight lifted, workout notes, and how you felt. Too easy, too hard, too heavy too light, or just right! Your programming coach will make adjustments based on your notes in our app.

Step 7: High Five your new workout friends!

Also wipe down and put your equipment away. Then Rinse, Repeat and get RESULTS!

Anyone can find an intense workout online for free or super cheap. But will they get you results, will they adapt to your changing body, will they take into account all of the little details that Coach Patrick does when designing your program. Our job as coaches is to find the best workout for right client on the right day. That can only be done in a 1:1 or semi private setting. 

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