Stay Fit or Go To Happy Hour?

How About Both?

Does it seem like we have to eat and drink “like Kings” in order to have a social life? Don’t these people who want to go to Happy Hour care about my desire to stay fit?!

My husband’s best friend’s birthday is tomorrow and we are going over to his house to celebrate. We will be smart with distancing and maybe I’ll bedazzle my mask!  

They go all out with food, drinks, fun, everything. It will be a great time!

I hopped on the InBody to see how I was progressing with my goals today and found I lost 1lb of body fat! Super excited. So I’m super nervous about Saturday right? Wrong.

Have a Plan

I have a plan. (Planning is a HUGE part of our nutrition program. ) I’m going to make sure to stay hydrated from the moment I wake up. I’ll place a water bottle next to my bed Friday night so I can get about 8oz before I even get up. I’ll continue to drink water throughout the day.

I am going to eat a big breakfast filled with eggs, spinach, sweet potatoes. I’m going to have a lunch that has chicken breasts and tons of veggies (it will be broccoli this time) and avocado. I’ll have a small snack on the way to the party – Plantain Chips and 3 slices of Applegate Turkey breast.

I’m not counting calories, tracking macros or weighing my food. I’m eating MORE of the whole less processed foods and LESS of the added sugar, processed foods. But more on that another day.. let’s talk about the PAR-TAY!

Party Time!

I know I’m going to be walking into the backyard where the drinks will be flowing, and I won’t deprive myself of that. I will have a drink, maybe 2, and a couple snacks. When I get to the party I won’t be famished, I’ll be satisfied. I’ll eat dinner there, like everyone else.

I will NOT overindulge because I’ve decided ahead of time not to and I put a plan in place to help me stick to my convictions. You cannot expect yourself to refuse all the yummy drinks, desserts, sauce laden food if you don’t set yourself up for success.

So when you get asked to Happy Hour tonight, go ahead and say, “Yes!”, but only after you have a plan.

What are you going to do to prepare for your next social event?

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