Review Results of your progress

Why is it important to review results regularly with your coach?

At Northglenn Health and Fitness we review results with you on a regular basis. This might be every 3 weeks or every 90 days, but whatever schedule is followed, it is important to your success.

You Don’t join a gym because you Have nothing better to do

You want something. Only you know what that is right now, but soon so will we. We will meet with you to discuss what your goals are and put a plan together to help you achieve them.

You might want more energy, weight loss, strength gains, reduction in pain, stress relief or any combination of those effects of healthy exercise and nutrition habits. What you don’t want is to put work in every day and not get any benefit.

After you have made your choice based on the options we provided you to achieve your results, you will meet with me or your coach again to review. These sessions are separate from your training or nutrition coaching sessions. These are to measure things like weight loss, fat loss, measurement changes, muscle gain, clothing size, energy level or any number of things you would like to measure. Since everyone we work with is unique, only you know what most matters to you. We track what matters to you.

We will give you 3 options to choose from: Good, Better, Best.

You might want fast results because of a scary doctor’s office visit or an upcoming event. You might want to take it slow and not make many changes at first. The cadence to meet with your coach to review results is based on how quickly you should expect to see them happen if you follow the plan.

If you chose the best option – you will meet with your coach every 3 weeks to review results.

If you chose the better option – you will meet with your coach from every 30 – 45 days to review results.

IF you chose the good option – you will meet with your coach every 90 days to review results.

Why Review Results?

If you don’t know where you are in your health and fitness journey, how will you ever know what your focus should be in the gym? Meaning, what should you be working on now, and what fitness and nutrition habits will get you there?

Your plan will change over time as the results come.

Because you aren’t in the same body you were 3 weeks to 90 days ago. We are a new person with new goals to hit!

Let’s review results and set up your next 3 weeks to 90 days, and go from there!

If you are a current member and haven’t measured progress lately, schedule a time by clicking here to meet with me or Coach Patrick.

If you are interested in finally getting the results you have wanted for far too long, set up a time to chat with me soon!

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