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Personal Training Trains you for Life

Personal Training trains you for life, you know, like playing darts.

When you think of personal training, you might think of someone who is training for a competition or lifting heavy weight.

Dorothy has been doing personal training with Patrick for a year now and her dart game is on point!

Dart scores showing improvement
Dorothy’s most recent dart game with her daughter

Now, that is not why she started personal training. She is a nurse that is on her feet, a lot, and often has to pick people up off the ground. She is in her 60s and needs to keep her strength to be able to continue doing her job.

Her and her daughter have played darts together and Dorothy always lost. Not lost, but really was demolished by her daughter!

They got together to play last weekend and they had to play again to see if it was a total fluke!

It wasn’t.

Coach Patrick has been training Dorothy in a way that has strengthened her shoulders, triceps and biceps and that strength improvement has a direct correlation on life in general outside of the gym. Even her dart game.

She can do push ups now too. She also has more energy and strength to provide the care her patients deserve.

We know that most people go to the gym and care about how much they can lift, how much they can bench, and that is really cool stuff! We love to hear these stories just as much, if not more!

Come improve your dart game with strong stable shoulders! Ok, maybe not that, but how about come in for an appointment to meet us, and start enjoying life again! We provide personal training, for life.

We have personal training, group fitness, nutrition coaching, and even training from home. Whatever it takes to get you moving and healthy, we got you!

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