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Do you have pain when exercising?

Do you have pain when you exercise? 😩 ​​Misty did too.

When we met her and Gage to discuss their goals and learn about how we can really dive in and help them, Misty let us know she avoided squats due to knee pain when exercising. ​​

Now we can’t promise anything, but we can speak from experience. Most times when we hear things like this, the pain can be significantly reduced, or removed completely, with proper form.

The pain also might not be due to the specific area of the body where it is felt. It sometimes is above or below.

When you deal with pain on your own, your body starts to over compensate other areas in order to alleviate the source of the pain.

In our no sweat intro with this amazing couple, we let her know strategies we would use to analyze and reduce the pain.

Inside we were cautiously optimistic. ​​

Did her first personal training session help with her pain when exercising? ​​

“Hi Jennifer, I appreciate you checking in. It was a great introduction and work out today, Becca is awesome! As are you and Patrick! As to my knees, turns out I was doing squats WRONG this entire time. After 30 squats I have no knee pain woohoo! I am very excited to be working with you all as well!”


​​That is a great feeling for a new person!

Can you imagine going through life in pain, and thinking there is no solution other than medication? If you can, book a no sweat intro with us!

What a relief for Misty. And to be honest, it is SUCH AN AWESOME feeling for us as well. ​​

We created Northglenn Health and Fitness to ‘Help people do things they never thought possible.’ We want to check that off our list…every.single.day! 🀟❀️

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