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Our Origin Story

Today is our one year anniversary. We never get tired of telling our “origin story” of how we ended up serving the great people of Northglenn, CO.

The people who were in the space we are in, 1 year ago, ran a very successful gym but had the most precious little baby and wanted to move to be near family.

1 Year Ago – August 2019

Summer and Kyle

Time was tight for them and they were struggling with balancing their move, along with getting out of the space. After multiple deals fell through for them and with just weeks to go before they left town, unable to get our of the lease, Summer started posting about equipment and selling it off.

The stress of the new baby, the move, trying to find someone to take over their lease and recoup some money from all of their equipment was simply overwhelming. Weeks, not months, before they leave.

Kyle and Summer prayed to God for the right thing to happen for them. Why did everything keep falling apart?

Jennifer and Patrick

They looked at multiple spaces and were about to place a very large equipment order.

Every space had it’s own problems. Stresses were growing. After finding a great spot in Frederick, they ran into multiple issues with zoning. The owners were willing to put in bathrooms for them, then they found there wasn’t even plumbing in the space. This beautiful facility was turning into 10s of thousands more than they thought. But they were desperate.

They had a contractor friend come see the spot to write up a bid to get everything done. The bid came back.Do they keep searching or was this the place.

Patrick and Jennifer prayed to God for the right thing to happen for them. Why wasn’t this clear. What do we do?

That night, Summer made a Facebook post about a very specific item. A few kids barbells. Going to sell it all.

That night Jennifer was getting ready for a date night. They both needed it. Patrick, waiting for her to get ready, was scrolling through his Facebook feed and saw the post.

He told Jennifer, “They’ve got to be selling a gym”.

His gut told him something was happening here more than just the barbells. Jennifer put down her makeup and called the number in the ad.

Summer answered.

“You’ve Built Something Special”

We can’t count the number of people who, we have met for the first time, tell us that they feel something as soon as they get into our lobby. They feel a vibe, a very positive vibe and they get a good feeling about us. They feel a positive aura. That absolutely warms our hearts to hear, and we hope we hear it from you too. Come see for yourself.

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