What is Northglenn Health and Fitness’s OnRamp Program?

Our OnRamp Program is designed for your long term success!

When you meet with me we will go over what you are looking to accomplish. Because our gym is not for everyone we want to make sure that it is right for you! We are a non competitive facility that is truly focused on women’s health and fitness vs a competitive environment.

Who is the right fit for Northglenn Health and Fitness’ OnRamp Program?

The right fit at Northglenn Health and Fitness has nothing to do with your physical abilities, and everything to do with your character. We protect you, our members and our staff from anyone who might add negativity, say things that promote body shaming and people who aren’t interested in being coached. As long as you are kind and coachable you will excel at NHF!

It’s important to me that you know if you enter my facility, I will protect you with fierce intensity, from anyone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

Because we designed our programs with you in mind, we created an OnRamp program, to start you off with, that sets you up for long term success.

What is the NHF OnRamp Program?

We know that some people prefer personal training – an environment that allows for focus on your body at all of it’s limitations, strengths, weaknesses and pain in a 1:1 environment, others prefer semi private training – gain friendships by sharing the session with no more than 3 others, hand out and receive high fives, yet still have a workout designed for their body! Which one are you?

Whatever works for your body AND your mind, our OnRamp Program has you covered.

Our OnRamp coaches you through proper technique in all 6 Foundational Movement patterns. We coach you through proper technique, so you move safely AND we learn about HOW your body moves along the way.

If your plan is to move in to semi private sessions, your coach will also show you how to use our app and log your results. These sessions will prepare you for semi private training.

How does the OnRamp program at NHF help me?

You don’t just sign up and hop in to training with the coach knowing nothing about you, or you knowing nothing about how to move safely or even the gym lingo. There is no way someone can give you a program that is “designed for you” if they don’t know you and see you move. Those are quick ways to get hurt and feel frustrated, and end up quitting your new fitness routine again. Have you been there? I know I have!

Our OnRamp program is designed to make sure you get the benefits of exercise that show up in your every day life.

We might do these movements in our day to day life but we aren’t always able to do so properly or without pain. Since we train your for what life throws at you outside these gym walls, we have to start by mastering the foundations in order to build upon them.

What are the 6 foundational movement patterns?

The 6 foundational movement patterns that are found in every day life are: squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull and carry.

  • Squat: Sitting on the toilet, getting in and out of a car, sitting on the couch
  • Hinge: Picking something up that you dropped, bending over to pet a dog, picking up a child
  • Lunge: Helps you get up off the floor, walking up stairs, hiking
  • Push: Pushing a child on a swing, push yourself off the ground, push a car that is broken down
  • Pull: Pulling something off a shelf, pulling someone up off of the ground
  • Carry: Carrying a child, groceries, moving boxes, laptop bag

We do teaching and assessment of each of these movements patterns by providing you with personal training sessions to start. After that, you continue with personal training sessions to reach your goals or move into semi private training.

If you’d like to learn more about our OnRamp program or Northglenn Health and Fitness set up a 10 minute chat with me! Click here to book a time!

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