The Alchemist and the Cemetery gave me a new perspective on life.

I didn’t go to the cemetery seeking a new perspective on life but that is what I came out with.

This isn’t going to be a normal blog post by a gym. But we aren’t a normal gym so I guess that makes sense.

I have had a rough couple of weeks, and I’m sure I’m not alone. 

My 16 year old son is struggling with depression and I had to explain to the school that his life was worth more to us than finishing Zoom classes.

Too many teen suicides. One is too many.

My 18 year old son went into the last day of his senior year with 4 Fs. He needed to pass all classes to graduate. But he has been struggling and lost 2 friends recently himself. He was a pallbearer at one of their funerals. That is an honor, but one he would have gladly done without to have her back.

The school understood and my son is going to graduate.

There are struggles that we all face and have to get through.  I hope most of us get relief between struggle A and struggle B but that doesn’t always happen.

Answers in life often come unexpectedly. I just hope when they come to me, I can hold them close and remember them in the midst of the next struggle.

Every Friday we share bright spots in our private members only group on Facebook. We call them “BSF” for Bright Spot Fridays.

This was my share today:

Bright Spot Friday

BSF -The latest book I finished, The Alchemist, along with a trip to the cemetery has really solidified the perspective I have on life.

Both exciting and tough days, weeks, months are going to happen.

Think about it? Do you really want to be just handed everything without the blood, sweet and tears associated?

Where is the learning without struggle?

Where is the growth without standing true to your values and taking a stand?

None of that is easy, but the rewards are endless if you stand by your values and follow your personal legend. (read the book)

My Visit to the Cemetery

I stood in the middle of this beautiful cemetery that overlooks the mountains and was overwhelmed with emotion.

The graves were all marked in very personal, unique, ways. Unlike Ft Logan where my father is buried, which is also beautiful, just less “unique” I’d say.

There were 4 feet tall wooden crosses, 6 inch to 8 feet tall statues of Saints.

Hot wheels on the graves of children, Christmas ornaments on the graves of grandparents, loving memorials speaking of unspeakable pain in missing loved ones but relief in the knowledge that they are now whole in the arms of Jesus.

The hardest part for me was seeing teenagers’ memorials.

Lives lost just as it’s ‘getting good’ and these kids are becoming themselves.

Parents wrote about the dreams their kids had. 16 to 22 was having me gulp back my tears.

Standing there looking past the graves, past the mountains, into the sky, a strong breeze swept by and I just breathed it in.

New Perspective on Life

Laundry, bills, stress, anger, today’s problem are not what matters.

Patrick and I and our family are what matters, that is what I felt deep into my soul as I stood there.

You and your family and personal legend (read the book) is what matters.That is it.

I’m hoping that when I feel like things are looking down I keep working hard and I remember this.

And when I feel like things are looking up, I don’t put it in cruise control, and I am appreciative, and I remember this lesson.

Coach Jennifer

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