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My Eyes Are Up Here

I was in the middle of a 2 mile run. I was on a huge wide road, no cars, clear as day. I’m on the right side of the road and I see about 400m away there is a huge tree branch that had fallen into the road. Obviously I don’t want to trip over the branch and I was determined not to. I focused on that branch and kept my eyes on it. Repeated to myself “Don’t trip on that branch”, “Don’t trip on that branch” over a dozen times. I was focused on that branch. About 400m later, I tripped right over it. Why?

I was focused on the branch

As much as I was determined NOT to trip on the branch, the problem was my focus was the branch. I reached my focus.

Keep your focus on what you want. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Focus straight ahead

I see this all the time as a coach, when someone is attempting a lift like the overhead squat. If they are looking down at the ground, their body weight is going to shift forward and make their base pretty unstable. This really goes for any lift. Have you seen anyone perform a snatch in a weightlifting competition? They say that you can tell immediately if someone is going to make that lift or not by their set up. The position of their head/eyes is no exception. Looking down, the bar will end up too far forward and they will lose their balance. If their head is facing up then that bar is going to go too far back at the top of the movement and they’ll drop the bar behind them. Head should be straight, facing straight ahead, eyes looking right in the center judge’s eyes.

Focus on your goals

This applies to a lot of areas of life, even your goals. Focus on what you want. Focus on what you are trying to accomplish. If you find yourself trailing off, looking down, making a choice you shouldn’t make, remember where your eyes and your focus should be. Where is your focus?

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