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Meet Nancy: World Traveler, Grandma and Athlete

Nancy is one of Northglenn Health and Fitness’ first members! She loves her family and loves to travel. Her health and fitness is important to her because she has a lot more to do on her journey and wants to feel good doing it!

What Are Your Goals?

My health and fitness goals are two things. First of all, it’s the fitness part and that is to maintain my mobility and my strength.

I’m 69 years old.

So, you know, keeping that up and also working on getting better at things. That allows me to do more and it allows me to be able to do things that I have passion for like travel, being outdoors, hiking etc.

The other thing is the nutrition part of it. I got really slack over the last year and I’ve gained weight. Just being alone, it’s easy just to grab something and eat it rather than put any thought into it. Now working with Jennifer, as my coach, I’m thinking about what I eat. I’m actually eating more vegetables than I probably ate in my life. I’ve gone through the different colors of vegetables and I’ve found out some of them I really like. I never thought much about putting mushrooms in much, and now I put them in everything. I saute them and you know, they’re actually good.

The nutrition goal is to get my weight back down and to continue eating healthy and stay healthy.

What do You Like Most about Northglenn Health and Fitness

Well, I love the coaches. I love the compassion, and the support. I love all three coaches. They all are, as far as I’m concerned, awesome. They all give support when you need support and they’re always there for you. It’s not that there’s just one fit for everybody. It’s whatever works for you. They work around your needs and help you get comfortable. If you have an ache or a pain and you let Patrick know, then there’s always a way to work around it but still be active, and still do what you need to be doing.

Tell Us a Little About Yourself

Okay. So, as I said earlier, I’m 69 years old. I have three beautiful children, a number of grandchildren and a number of great grandchildren now.

My passion is travel.

I have walked the great wall of China. I have slept through an opera in the Sydney opera house. I have gone on a Safari in South Africa. I have spent time at the base of the Matterhorn and I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone. So you can tell that’s my passion.

That’s also why I think it’s so important to stay healthy mentally and for my body.

What Do You Tell People about Northglenn Health and Fitness

I would tell them, and I have told many people, don’t think about it, go. Find out for yourself, go interview Jennifer and Patrick and Jason. I think once you do that, you will find out that it’s for you. I absolutely love it here and I think you will too. I think if you wait and you say, should I, or shouldn’t I, then a lot of times you’ll change your mind before you go do it. So I think the most important thing is just come in and meet everybody. Come and watch a gym session. I think that will make you want to join

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