Meet Carolyn “The Gym is My Happy Place!”

We interviewed Carolyn to find out what keeps her going at Northglenn Health and Fitness. She told us that the gym is her happy place. Would it be easier for you to get to the gym if you felt like it was your happy place? Watch her video and then come meet us in person!

Why Did You Join Northglenn Health and Fitness?

I actually followed coach Patrick. I love his teaching style, his positivity and enthusiasm. As a coach, he just really spoke to me, and when he changed locations, and opened up Northglenn Health and Fitness I just went with it.

What Are Your Goals?

My goals are trying to RX more workouts, which is the prescribed weight. Patrick and I have had some goal setting sessions and he’s definitely helping me achieve that. I’m able to lift more or be faster, whatever the recommended workout is, to do it as recommended, instead of scaling as much. There are still things I have to scale but that’s really my main focus. And then nutrition, with Jennifer, has been a big goal as well. We’ve been doing that for I think three months or two months now, and that’s been going really, really well.

What Do You Like Most about Northglenn Health and Fitness?

Number one would be the community for sure. Everyone is super nice and super welcoming and loving. There’s no harsh judgment or negativity, which is a huge deal for me. Especially after being at work all day, you’re already amped up and just need to distress. I can do that here, which is great. Again, the coaches are simply wonderful. Like I said, Patrick is amazing, and that’s why I came here to begin with. And then Coach Jason he’s super knowledgeable and definitely helps you push your limits. Not to an uncomfortable point, but so that maybe you get those extra five pounds in on whatever lift you’re trying to achieve, or your time is just a little bit faster. Then working with Jennifer on nutrition has been absolutely amazing. I feel better. I look better. I mean, it’s really just an all around positive team experience.

What Would You Say to Someone Who is Thinking about Joining?

Do it. It changed my life. Yeah, do it 100%. Do it. It changed my life completely. Not only physically, but mentally. I found a whole new group of friends that have the same kind of goals that I do.

Who Are You Outside of the Gym?

I’m a lazy bum. I mean, I go to work. I’m an esthetician, so I do skincare. I sit all day. I like to read and sing car karaoke by myself, which is always great, but otherwise I’m very, very chill. Very mellow and the gym is my happy place for sure. Definitely can run around like a spazz and let myself go a little bit, which is great. But, yeah, I’m just me.

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