Are you Ready to Change? Why just wanting to change isn’t enough.

Are you ready to change? You might want things to look different but why isn’t that enough?

You are not a bad person. You are not a self saboteur. What does that even mean when someone calls you that? How helpful is that to you? You might not be prepared to change, or in a lot of cases, you might be trying to take on too much at once.

Have Grace with Yourself

If your schedule is jam packed with work and family commitments, how does that make you a person who isn’t working hard enough? If you are struggling with the difference in the way you are living because of the COVID-19 crisis, and you just don’t even have the energy to get off the couch, how can you possibly take on one more change in your life?

You are not wrong for feeling the way you do. Your feelings are not wrong. But what about all of those people with the judgy posts on Facebook? You know the ones. ‘Tis Pumpkin Spice Season and you are an evil Warlord if you drink it. Look at them not drinking it. Want to know how many calories are in it? Just look on Facebook, someone on your friends list has posted it, trust me.

All of the judgement placed on you by people who haven’t walked a day in your shoes, is not worthy of who you are. They know nothing about your life and the choices that you have to make just to get through the day. If you need a Pumpkin Spice Latte to do that, then get one. If you need permission, you got it.

Health is not only about what you put in your body. We care about you as a whole person, and that isn’t graded based on the number of calories you eat per day. I can’t tell you how low that is on our priority list of how valued you are to us.

We won’t lie to you either though. Is drinking a PSL going to take you IN the direction of getting washboard abs based on caloric intake and the sugar content? Absolutely not. Is it going to give you just a few minutes of peace and quiet and comfort, that you desperately need? You tell me. I know it does for me sometimes. If that is your coping mechanism, it is helping you. Are there better coping mechanisms? Of course there are, but did you need me to tell you that? No way, you know it already. And if you didn’t, I’m sure one of your “Facebook Friends” will care enough to passive aggressively tell you.

Let’s get to my point. I get side tracked by looking out for people and I tend to ramble on. That’s my issue. Nothing a PSL can’t solve.

1. Are you Ready to Make a Change?

Are you tired of the way things are and are looking to grow. Period. That’s it. Is there something in your life you are just not happy with any longer and want it to change? That is all it takes to answer that question.

2. Are you Willing to Make a Change?

Will you be receptive to coaching? How much do you want to move forward? How receptive will you be to advice, and tactics decided upon, and following though with them?

3. Are you Able to Make a Change?

You might want to change, but do you have the skills to do it? If yes, great! If no, are you willing to invest financially in yourself and hire a coach?

Answer YES to all 3 questions and you can skyrocket.

Passed the Preparedness test but you still have Anxiety

Me too. This is completely normal, even expected. Change asks you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. It’s normal to feel this kind of push back no matter how prepared you are. Change forces us to confront things we often would rather keep buried.

We are here to tell you, we get it. We are not going to tell you to “Just Do It”. That “bad habit” might exist as a coping mechanism. Just because you are prepared to make a change, doesn’t mean you won’t feel some anxiety. We can help with that. (Keep reading)

Does it Have to Be Stressful?

No! In fact, it should not be stressful. Everyone we work with has their own needs, abilities, and life situations. Telling you to cut out Pumpkin Spice Latte’s because of the number of calories or grams of sugar, etc might not be the right answer for you. You might reduce the number of times you order it per week. Possibly get a smaller size. Maybe we focus on something else entirely and you keep drinking those.

No one knows how to best help you until they understand who you are and what stressors you have in your life. Posting memes about how you are a bad person because of your life choices is certainly not what is going to help you get washboard abs – if that’s even your goal!

Low Stress, High Confidence Habits

Focusing on habits that cause you low stress and you have high confidence that you can be successful, is what will make you successful. We will get into all of that starting Monday. You won’t have to DM for more info, we will tell you everything you need.

Side note: We are working on this with our members right now. Check out our article on SEMM


What is your coping mechanism? What is your habit that you don’t want us to change? Comment below, or come see us for more strategies.

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