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Feeling Stuck? Not Sure Where to Begin?

Have you tried before and given up? Watching others lose weight, get stronger, be healthier, and you are feeling stuck because you aren’t sure where to begin?

Sure, it is possible to go it alone.  The thing is, most of us can’t succeed alone.   Please believe me, if you have tried and gotten side tracked with life, you are in the vast majority. 

Stop listening when you hear (even if you are the one saying it to yourself):

  • You are lazy
  • You are selfish
  • You will just quit again

Start listening to reality:

  • You are busy and just trying to keep up, because if you stop for a second everything will fall apart.
  • You think of everyone else’s needs before your own. 
  • It’s not that you haven’t tried.  Those other programs didn’t work. They were confusing, too complicated, and not for you. 

Gyms Don’t Work For Everyone

We are a coaching facility because a building with a bunch of equipment is not the answer to get you long term, sustainable results.

Save Time, Not Waste It

You don’t have time to waste looking for the next available machine and then wondering what weight to use, or even how to use the machine.  Busy people need to save time, not waste it.

Not Selfish, Just Confident

With a successful coaching program, you will gain energy, strength, and confidence. 

People around you will start seeing a change in you. Inspiring them to make their own changes.  Along the right journey you will start liking what you see in the mirror.  Your clothes will fit better, you might need to buy all new sizes! 

You will stop feeling selfish and start feeling confident.  

Your Plan Will Keep You Coming Back 

It will not be complicated.  It will be sustainable long term. And it will be fun.

We meet with all of our clients on a regular basis, outside of training and nutrition sessions, to ensure the plan is working.  Your Coach will track and measure progress and adjust along the way.  We are flexible to what you need and who you are. 

You just show up.  The plan is built for you.

How Can We Help You?

We REALLY want to hear your answer. Someone else’s answer won’t help us help you.  We need to know who YOU are. Shoot us an email at jennifer@northglennhf.com and you will hear back from us very quickly.

Coach Jennifer
PS.  If you are ready to give it a shot with a coach, we are ready to meet with you.

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