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95% of the Decisions You Make are Based on Feelings

Do you make 95% of your decisions based on feelings? According to Ryan Munsey, author of F*ck Your Feelings, you do.

That number might seem like a lot, but is it?

Snooze button. Skipping a workout. Deciding what to eat.

We are wired to go the easy way out. We are wired to protect ourselves from “pain and suffering”.

High performers, successful athletes, people with the lives we envy at times, didn’t accomplish in life by giving in to every whim. They didn’t get there by taking the easy way.

We don’t typically enjoy getting up a 5am. But getting up at 5am to get your workout in before the day gets away from you is really the best way to ensure it happens.

Most people prefer chocolate cake over spinach and brussel sprouts, but which one will bring you closer to your goals?

This is not to say, never have cake and never sleep in. It’s just that highly successful people don’t base their day to day decisions on feelings. They put their feelings to the side and do the things that get them closer to their goals.

Delay short term gratification for the big picture goals.

Switch Your Mindset.

growth mindset

“Ugh, it’s 5am, I have to get up and go to the gym” vs

“5am here we are! I get to go to the gym and get my body healthy and strong to take on the world”

It doesn’t have to be working out, it could be eating vegetables over cookies. You might go hiking or skiing with friends instead of going to the bar.

At the end of the day, the movement in your day to day decisions need to be steps towards your goals, not away from them.

Think of a goal you have. Take one step right now toward that goal. Like really, right now. It doesn’t have to be a change the world step, it just has to be something that takes you in the direction of the life you want to live.

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