Who is Coach Patrick?

Coach Patrick and why he opened Northglenn Health and Fitness

coach patrick as a kid
It all started in the mid 80’s. That’s when my mother started putting me into all kinds of recreational league intramural sports.  Thus the seed was planted in my head to constantly push myself physically and mentally.  I must have tried out every sport offered.  Baseball, basketball, swim team, lacrosse, football, wrestling and, of course, soccer, just to name a few.  Committing to 2-3 practices per week plus a game on Saturdays really laid the foundation to finding a regular routine to exert my physical energy.  Once in high school, I played all the sports and had 5 grueling 2-3 hours long practices a week.  I was hooked and I wanted to see how to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Fast forward and the last 15 years I have made my career working for a company that financed businesses.  I would get really creative to help small to mid sized businesses, and entrepreneurs, that were generally less than desirable for traditional bank loans.  It was a ton of fun! Seriously… I would take people to breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner and happy hours.  I met a lot of folks and was able to help many businesses grow to the next level.  Helping them was very rewarding.

Patrick lifting
I started CrossFit over 8 years ago when my wife, Jennifer, took me to my first CrossFit class.  I was hooked and couldn’t get enough.  I wanted to know how to do all the movements and right so that I could improve my times and get stronger.  I went to many seminars and took a bunch of private training to hone in my skills.  After countless hours of practice and a lot of patience, everything started to come together.
I got into coaching by accident and I really saw it as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.  What better way to help me get better with my own skills than to teach others how to do it right AND I could satisfy my desire to help people in an area that I’m passionate.  I took all the best advice, tips, and strategies that worked for me and regurgitated it in a way that everyone could understand and have some fun while learning.  After-all, it wasn’t long before that, that I was in their shoes.

The timing to open Northglenn Health and Fitness couldn’t have worked out better!  I was transitioning out of my financing job and had been contemplating going into business for myself for a while.  By coincidence, Jennifer decided to leave her job at the same time. Rather than hopping back into Corporate America, we both took a leap together into the deep end of entrepreneurialism.  We wanted to help people, follow our own path, and have fun!  Not in a million years could I have imagined making a scarier yet extremely rewarding decision, and I get to do with somebody that I love and trust.  When you boil it all down, I love what I’m doing because I love the people we serve and the awesome impact Northglenn Health and Fitness is making for people when they are both inside and outside of these gym walls.  We would love to join you on your fitness journey!  Come see us!
Coach Patrick

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