Be the Healthiest You: Step 1 Plan, Prioritize and Prepare

You are an individual so you need to find the solution, to YOUR goals, that works for you. This is why personal training along with one on one nutrition coaching is just so effective. It’s all based on your goals and your starting point. This will help you “Be the Healthiest You”, not someone else’s version of you.

“Stop measuring your progress with someone else’s ruler.” (Thanks Signum for that inspirational quote).

My nutrition coaching education came from “Precision Nutrition”. We coach people on 9 different skills that once mastered, set you up for long lasting, life changing, change. Today we will focus on just a couple of the many practices that can help support you with Skill 1.

Skill 1: Plan, Prioritize, and Prepare

You can’t start eating lean protein and more veggies until you have shopped for, prepped, and cooked the lean protein and veggies. Someone can tell you all day long to add those foods to every meal and it will do no good until they’ve helped you Plan and Prioritize and Prepare.

Practice: Make Time

Decide to make healthy habits a part of your week and get out your calendar. Use this tool to make appointments with yourself.

When will you plan your meals for the week? When will you go grocery shopping? What nights will you have time to cook, and what nights will you need food prepped ahead of time. Are you prepping the food ahead of time or will you buy precooked food from the grocery store?

Trouble finding time? We have a Planning and Time Use worksheet we give you to help you find the time.

Practice: Take a Small Action

In the beginning of making a change, it is normal to feel stress, anxiety and resist. This can lead to roadblocks and giving up before you have seen progress. This is why the changes we make in the beginning are very small. If you find yourself without motivation, without a plan for the day. Take a small action. Choose from these ideas or come up with your own:

  • Fill up a water bottle and drink it.
  • Buy an apple and eat it.
  • Do 10 squats while watching Netflix.
  • Call your mom and tell her about the changes you want to make.
  • Take a vitamin.
  • Stretch for 5 minutes.
  • Walk for 5 minutes.

Take an action that is more than you did yesterday or more than you did last week. That is progress. It’s not changing everything in one day, you’ve tried that and you are back at square one. Start small. Celebrate Success. Repeat.

Habit Based Coaching

Every time we meet with you, we discuss the previous habit, and collaborate with you on suggestions for new ones based on this critieria:

  • Was that task too easy?
  • Too difficult?
  • Just right?
  • Did it provide you results?

If you are ready to add another simple habit, where do you feel you would be most successful? And we go from there.

Seems too easy? Good. Isn’t too easy better than not possible? It’s “too easy” and success, better than “all in” and failure?

We have many resources available for you to help you through any roadblocks you might have. Whether you have a lack of a support system, or a lack of time, we can help you find your small habit to kick start you on your road to results.

Come see us for a nutrition assessment and we can help you find where you can start off best, for the most success.

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