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Break All or Nothing Thinking with your personal HSA

You can change All or Nothing thinking by tracking your HSA.

Most companies have an option to use an HSA.  This is an account you can withdrawal money from to pay for medical expenses. You have to use all your funds by the end of the year or you lose them. Not everyone has an HSA at their job but we all have an HSA in our lives.

Just like with money, it’s not ‘bad’ to spend a bit from your bank account, but ideally to become  wealthy, you want to earn more than you spend, CONSISTENTLY

Same goes for our health. There is absolutely no need to be perfect all of the time (just like it’s  unrealistic to never spend a penny that you earn). You just have to consistently save more than  you spend to be in good financial health. 

If you want to spend $50 on something fun for yourself (i.e. eat a couple of cookies after  dinner), go for it, and do it mindfully and with enjoyment! But just like spending $50 on a fun  experience or new thing to own, it doesn’t mean you have to drain the bank account by $500 since you already spent $50 (eating a whole sleeve of cookies because you ate 3) or  even $5000 (eat a whole container), just because you’ve dipped into your savings. 

And just like with fun expenditures, if you find yourself consistently overspending, you have the  option to either cut back a bit, or work a bit more overtime to earn more money (i.e. put more  effort into other positive habits that support you, like packing a healthy lunch for tomorrow, or  go for a walk after dessert), to find the balance over the week, vs. focusing on being totally  perfect or a total failure. 

All or Nothing Thinking? Do This Instead

To think of this in more practical terms: 

• It’s better to eat just 2-3 cookies if you’re craving them, vs. the entire box • It’s better to go for a 5-10 minute walk around the block, vs. not at all • It’s better to do to 10 push-ups at home, vs. skipping the gym completely • It’s better to stop after watching 3 TV episodes in a row, vs. watching the entire season in  one sitting 

• It’s better to go to bed 15 minutes earlier, even if you’re only getting 6 hours/night • It’s better to meal plan for 1 healthy meal each week, vs. having no plan at all • It’s better to buy a bagged salad to be the side for your take-out dinner, vs. not eating a  single vegetable at all 

• It’s better to meditate for 1 minute (or 30 seconds, or take 3 deep/calming breaths), vs.  not at all 

• It’s better to get out for 1 run, or lift weights only once, vs. nothing at all that month 

Every time you take even the smallest positive step to nurture and care for your health, it’s like  chucking a handful of change into the Health Piggy Bank, even if it is only 25 cents at a time (i.e.  taking 3 deep breaths, drinking 1 glass of water). Sometimes, you can throw in a bit more,  sometimes less, but the point is to keep contributing to your Health Spending Account faster  than you withdraw, and never forgetting that every one of those little positive choices DO ADD UP over the long-run. 

Can you see why All or Nothing Thinking can be a huge detractor from reaching your goals? You would end up in the poor house if you treated your finances the way we can treat our health deposits.

If you are only focusing on perfection you will fail. End of story. No one is perfect. Your HSA will be drained consistently, instead of replenished and used responsibly. Every single addition adds up. Don’t stop making those additions because of your withdrawals.

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Coach Jennifer

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