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Does alcohol affect your body performance the next day?

Today for our SEMM, we’d like to talk about how what you put in your body can affect sleep and your body performance even the next day. One of our members noticed, after tracking, how alcohol affect her body performance.

Tracking is essential to understand the effects, good or bad, sleep, food, drink, etc. has on our performance and daily productivity.

How To Track Your Performance

Try tracking your body from low tech (keeping a notebook next to your bed) to high tech (wearable activity tracker).

Track what you eat and how you feel after, even into the next day. (Ever have spicy food and wake up feeling the effects well into the next day? Then you know what I mean.)

Start tracking tonight and keep it going for the next couple of weeks. Then we will review that data.

What to Track?

Track your:

  • Sleep time
  • Quality of sleep
  • Whole food consumption vs Highly processed foods
  • Water
  • Alcohol
  • Productivity the next day

Rank each area on a scale of 1-5 (1 is poor or and 5 is great)

What did our members find out after we asked them to track?

We asked our athletes to track this in our private Facebook group a couple weeks ago and Hilary shared her results with us.

She was able to see a trend in her “body battery” based on having a drink or two vs no alcohol consumption at all.

Hilary’s Body Battery

No alcohol the night before
1 or 2 drinks the night before

Hilary noticed this by tracking with her watch. She uses the Garmin Vivoactive 4 :

“I usually get pretty consistent sleep, and track it with my watch. It has this feature called “body battery” which is a combo of heart rate variability, stress, and activity. Normally at night, my “battery” recharges, but if I have had even one drink, it is such a noticeable difference in the recharge and how I feel the next day”

Hilary Corsi, Northglenn Health and Fitness Member

As you can see, the poor sleep quality you get after consuming a couple drinks is not solely affecting your sleep. It continues to affect your performance, even the day after!

If you’d like to work with a nutrition coach to get help with energy, sleep and your body battery, set up an appointment with us here! We would be happy to match you up with the right services you need to succeed.

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