28 Day Nutrition Reset – Starts Jan 6th

My goal when meeting with people about nutrition is pretty clear.  I want it to be something exciting that you want to keep doing. I want you to fall in love with cooking. I want you to want to be in the kitchen.

28 Day Nutrition Reset – January 6th

We’re doing a 28 day nutrition challenge for the month of January. It’s not going to start right on the first because we’re all going to be a hot mess, right? I know. I’m going to be. We’re going to give you a few days to kind of reset and hydrate, and be in the right mindset to start a nutrition challenge. What does that mean?

What’s included?

Nutrition Seminar / Meal Prep Techniques

We’re going to talk about what you’re eating, how to eat better. We’re going to talk about meal prepping techniques too. We’re also going to do an hour nutrition seminar where we kind of dive deeper in to nutrition. Nutrition is important, fitness is important, but we really want to address your health as a whole body, right? We’re going to talk about how to alleviate different stresses. We’ll talk about sleep, we’ll talk about exercise. It’s going to be recommended that we work out, pump some iron, but it’s not required for this 28 days. IYou will get better results whenever you partner nutrition and fitness.

InBody Scans (before and after)

You’ll get InBody results, which is a really amazing way for me, as your nutrition coach, to gauge where you start and where you end. We want to make sure that what we’re doing is beneficial and worthwhile. An InBody gives us numbers, (body fat percentage, bone density, how well you’re hydrated, your weight and, your muscle mass). Which are all really important things, when determining how to put together the right plan for you. Then we’re going to look at those numbers 28 days later and celebrate your wins.

Weekly Challenges

We’re going to have different challenges each week that will hold you accountable and give you things in a shorter period to work on, that will help you get to the bigger goal.

What about Grandma’s Bread Pudding Recipe?

We don’t have to feel deprived. We have a lot of really easy ways to tweak those like home cooked meals to make them a little more healthy because I don’t want to take away from grandma’s special recipe. Little things like changing the milk that we’re using or changing the flour that we’re using go a long way.

It’s going to be a really fun challenge. I want it to be something exciting that you want to keep doing. I want you to fall in love with cooking. I want you to want to be in the kitchen. That’s my goal.

Join alone, join with your spouse / family (preferred – the more people around you with similar goals, the more likely you are to succeed), but join NOW!  If you join now while you are thinking about it, you will commit yourself to finally making that change!  – Coach Stephanie!

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